Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I just realized how long it has been since I posted something. I have been so busy with my last semester of college and my business is starting to pick up! I have finally reached 20 sales in my Etsy shop and I am soooooooo excited! It was my first goal for my shop.

Now, my next goal is to reach 100 followers on Facebook (, 100 followers on twitter (@jewelsembellish), or 30 sales on Etsy. Whichever I reach first, I will offer a free giveaway of an item from my shop. I will pick out certain items for the winner to choose from and then I will ship them to the winner!

I love my business more and more everyday and I hope everybody who has checked it out and those that will in the future can see my passion in my work and love everything that I do!

Please visit my shop!


Please help me reach 100 likes on facebook 100 followers on twitter (!/jewelsembellish) or 30 sales on Etsy.There will be a FREE giveaway!!